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Services Overview

Services Overview

Olson Consulting Group helps individuals and organizations by identifying and developing their unique strengths while addressing limitations. Not sure which service is right for your needs? Check out the descriptions below and then call us for more details.

Hiring the Best: Executives, Managers, & Professionals

Our selection assessments and appraisals give you the in-depth information about your top candidates so you can make an offer to the best person for the job. Matching people to jobs is an OCG specialty. We have experience in many fields and industries, and we have an assessment appropriate for each level in your organization.

Hiring the Best: Store Managers & Hourly Positions

Would you like to reduce turnover and increase productivity in your hourly workforce? Our Selection Profiles™ help identify your best candidates. Our wide array of Selection Profiles™ is used in office environments to the retail industry to industrial applications.

Professional Development & Coaching

Our coaching services provide the professional development that everyone needs at one time or another. Whether it is to enhance professional impact, to be more productive, to transition well, or to increase leadership skills for future roles, we can help.

Team Development & Training

While we can provide training in many areas, our teamwork sessions get at the heart of a team and give the team the tools necessary to become a high performing work group. We explore common team development topics such as conflict management, navigating successfully through change, and our wildly successful Coaching Skills Workshop©.

Organizational Development

Looking for ways to improve your organization? We affect positive changes through organizational reflection, analysis, planning, and system improvement. These types of organization-wide initiatives help companies to be more effective and also to better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.

Test Development & Validation

Thinking about creating a test to use in hiring or promoting, but concerned about fairness guidelines? Not only can we create the most effective test batteries or individual tests for successfully predicting performance, we are experts in conducting the research necessary to validate tests and show fairness in hiring.