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Professional Development and Coaching

Professional Development and Coaching

Our clients ask us for help in solving workplace problems that are too complex or long-standing to be resolved by hiring, firing, reassigning, or retaining one or a few employees. They need our help both in defining the problem and in implementing strategies that will achieve lasting change. Our clients hire us to coach an individual when:

  • A team member has potential to be more productive.
  • They are about to promote or have already promoted someone to expanded responsibilities.
  • They want to develop future leadership across the organization.
  • There is a performance problem they can' t seem to work through.

In response to these needs, we developed a simple, effective process of individual coaching. Beginning with an intense period of one-on-one work, we may facilitate meetings with the person' s manager and work sessions with the subordinates. While no two assignments are the same, the basic phases and underlying principles are constant:

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