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Hiring: Executives, Managers, and Professionals

Hiring: Executives, Managers, and Professionals

Selection and development assessments for executives, managers, and supervisors have been a core piece of our business for 20 years. We believe that assessing an individual' s styles and strengths is critical to both job fit and development. Our assessments are administered by a professional administrative staff and are conducted by experienced consultants.

Executive Assessments

  • A high level assessment for senior positions such as president, CEO, CFO, COO, CAO, and vice president
  • The evaluation in this assessment emphasizes executive leadership qualities such as setting and driving a vision for a division or organization

Management Assessments

  • A mid-level assessment for management positions
  • This assessment focuses on evaluating an individual' s fit with an existing organizational strategy and how well he/she is able to assist in implementing such strategies through managing people and other resources of an organization

Client-Site Assessments

Olson Consulting Group was a pioneer of telephone interviewing, and we have perfected its use within the context of our assessments.

  • A unique assessment that can be completed on-site at a client' s location or from a candidate' s home
  • Suited to out of town clients or candidates who cannot be at our offices in person
  • Benefits include the ability to have more candidates assessed, big savings on travel expenses, and the ability to reduce the time required in the selection process

Professional Assessments

  • These assessments are geared toward individuals in supervisory, professional, or individual contributor positions
  • Focus is on a person' s technical and administrative qualities that will help them provide timely, expert assistance to the mid-level managers and executives responsible for corporate strategies


Developmental Feedback

In this session, we will review all of the information and data gathered in the assessment with the assessee.

This process provides the person with a comprehensive picture of his/her styles, strengths, limitations, and skills so that they can leverage them to the fullest degree possible in the workplace.

We will look at possible ways to promote success given the context of the business.

We will begin to help him/her formulate plans for making improvement in ways that are practical and feasible.

This session is both an honest and positive experience.

When people are leveraging their strengths and are working to develop areas that are currently seen as limitations, it creates positive work environments, builds group morale, and develops more efficient work production.